Thursday, March 05, 2009

We are home from the hospital!!!!
For those of you that don't know, Addie had the flu and we spent yesterday in the ER. She started throwing up in the middle of the night Monday night (at the Dells) and then couldn't keep anything down for about 36 hours. We went to our pediatrician Tues and then again Wed before they sent us to Children's Hospital for an IV treatment. Addie was a trooper. I was more emotional than she was, I think ;) She only cried a bit when they put the IV in, but then she just laid on my lap all day, sleeping on and off. They transferred us to the short stay wing and told us we'd be there overnight. But, early evening she started to really perk up! She was funny, talkative, restless... so we started introducing solids around dinner time. She kept down a popscicle, some yogurt, and some noodles. So... the doctor signed us out at about 9:30 last night and we came home! So nice to sleep in our own beds (well, Brandt slept on the couch, since Addie and I took up most of the bed!)-- today we'll just take it easy, as far as eating. But we definitely turned a corner for the good :) It's amazing how much you love your child when they're sick!
So thanks for the prayers. We felt them! I will update some pics soon from our short trip to the Dells.


Ana Heeren said...

I am so glad she is ok! Love you guys!

Amber said...

Pheeew! So glad you're home! :) Rest up there Miss Addison! Love you!

Stephanie Balvin said...

Wow, what a bummer of a trip, glad she is ok!