Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I just have to say I love having this 'baby in belly' feeling! It's like this babe and I share a life or a secret that no one else can understand. Maybe it's just the excitement of those first "movements," but I am in love... again! I sit at my desk at school, feeling the baby move, and just smile :) It's the greatest feeling! We scheduled our ultrasound for April 3rd--- looking forward to it!

In Addie news-- The girl is talking up a storm! Here are some of my new favorite words:
Ready, Set, Go!

B and I are heading up to Trout Lake this weekend to hang out with Aaron and Charlotte! Being there without the little one will mean many hours of cards :) And of course, a visit to Zorbaz Pizza. Have a great rest of the week!

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natalie eve said...

ooooo, you are making me want to be preggers! you have to stop cause i still have 9 months to go to make my resolution! but, seriously, that is my favorite feeling ever. you described it perfectly "a secret" for the two of you alone. Love that!!

who's watching addie? when do allen & i get our turn to watch her? you & b will have to take a special weekend up the shore sometime and drop her off here on your way up!

nora says ready, set, go but it sounds like "reay, sh*t, goooo!" and a lot of times she doesn't say ready so it's just "sh*t, goooo!" ohhhh, babies!

xoxox - me