Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween! We carved our pumpkins this afternoon. The girls created the normal - looking jack-o-lantern, and the boys... well, boys will be boys!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Future softball player? :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Elias James- 8 weeks

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I took the kiddos to the Otsego Pumpkin Patch this morning. It was a blast! We got a free pumpkin, Addie played some of the games, and Eli just basked in the sun. It was a beautiful day for it :) Addie refused to wear her Halloween costume because it wasn't 'Halloween' yet and we weren't trick-or-treating. But Eli willingly wore his ;)
And if you haven't seen my little one lately, I just had to add a couple pictures of him. 7 weeks old... smiling, talking, eating (if you couldn't tell by the cheeks)... love him!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's thoughts...
I am really enjoying staying at home. Most days go by quickly, and I'm not counting the hours down til Brandt gets home like I used to. I start coaching a week from today, so I am definitely looking forward to that!
Eli slept from 10:00PM-4:15AM last night! A world record :) Then from 4:30-7:15AM. I feel great today! No nap for me :)
Addie LOVES the snow! Just walking in and out of Cub Foods today, she was so giddy! She just kept squealing about the flakes falling on her sweatshirt! So cute :)

On a different note, I've been feeling like I am not giving this second child as much attention as he deserves. I knew this would happen, but I am feeling a bit guilty of it today. He sits in the bouncer or swing way more than Addie did. He isn't held as much. It's hard to balance/share my attention between them both. I'm struggling with it a bit. And now, Addie is down for a nap, so it should be my time with Eli, but he's sleeping too. Nice for me, yes, but still causing me to lose out on one-on-one time with my boy.

Finally, this potty training thing is not going well. I'm giving it 5 more days (this week only) and then we are done. She was having all this success last week, until Friday. Then ever since Friday she's been peeing AND pooping in her underwear/on the floor. She doesn't even care! She is definitely smart enough to know what to do, and she had 6 days in a row of pooping on the toilet, but now it's like she gave up. Or, like Amber says, maybe she's realizing if she pees in her pants, she'll get a good 5 minutes alone with me as I clean her up and we start over. She could just be too young still... which is why I'm trying for a few more days, and then I will admit defeat and try again in February once my coaching season is over.

That's it for today! Happy Monday! Enjoy the snow :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

My two cuties :)
Things are going pretty well. Potty training is exhausting! She's only had one accident in her pants. Otherwise, she just doesn't pee! I've been doing a diaper for naps and nighttime, so those are always wet when she wakes up. Do you think she's smart enough to not pee until she's in a diaper?? I am realizing I'll have to stop that sometime soon, but for now, I treasure my own sleep so I want Addie to sleep through the night rather than pee her bed. After dinner yesterday, she started to look as if she had to poop, so I swept her up and sat her on the toilet. About 5 minutes later, she had pooped and peed!! A success!! She was so proud of herself! She ran circles around the living room :) So we ended on a highlight and today is another day. I put her on the toilet about every 30-45 min. She doesn't mind it, but she just doesn't pee!
So here's to day 3...