Saturday, October 03, 2009

My two cuties :)
Things are going pretty well. Potty training is exhausting! She's only had one accident in her pants. Otherwise, she just doesn't pee! I've been doing a diaper for naps and nighttime, so those are always wet when she wakes up. Do you think she's smart enough to not pee until she's in a diaper?? I am realizing I'll have to stop that sometime soon, but for now, I treasure my own sleep so I want Addie to sleep through the night rather than pee her bed. After dinner yesterday, she started to look as if she had to poop, so I swept her up and sat her on the toilet. About 5 minutes later, she had pooped and peed!! A success!! She was so proud of herself! She ran circles around the living room :) So we ended on a highlight and today is another day. I put her on the toilet about every 30-45 min. She doesn't mind it, but she just doesn't pee!
So here's to day 3...

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Stephanie Balvin said...

I think if she does pee her bed once and feel the icky feeling, she will realize she doesn't like that and start going on the potty. But I completely understand not wanting to lose sleep. It will all fall into place, no worries!