Friday, July 31, 2009

Brandt and I celebrate 5 years today!! It's been a long five years... ;) Just kidding! They have been fabulous! Tonight we are going out to dinner and seeing Cirque du Soleil to celebrate! Looking forward to it :)

Couldn't find any recent pics... we need to take more, I'm learning... I guess it's all about the kids now ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This weekend we went to Wildwoods Waterpark at the Holiday Inn with the Marsh family. A nice indoor waterpark! I highly recommend it :) Addie loved it!
We had a nice relaxing weekend... I didn't want it to end. Brandt is traveling for 3 days this week. Hopefully we won't have a little one trying to enter the world while he is away ;) But then this Friday we celebrate our 5 year anniversary-- so I have that to look forward to! Happy Monday everyone :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AHHHHHHHHHH!! Baby boy into the world in about 4 weeks! I'm crazy anxious today :) Excited of course, but scared just the same! Not scared for the labor (yet), but for raising two kids!! I know most of you reading this have two or more and are managing just fine ;) but it's still scary! Like my mother says, I think God made women to carry babies for 9 months on purpose... because I am not nervous for delivery anymore, just really ready to get him out! A month or so ago I would've said I love being pregnant, but that has passed.
Brandt and I celebrate 5 years next Friday, so we have a fun evening planned. I'd like to make it past that at least! Then he has his Fantasy Football Draft on Aug. 15th- so he'd like me to make it past that. But I know this little one will make his appearance when he's ready -- not when we're ready! AHHHHHHHHHH!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Addie and I took a trip to Duluth this week to hang out with the Lepiens. The girls got along really well and we had a nice couple of days! Natalie and I even got to escape and see the movie, The Proposal. Now we're sticking around home to get Addie back into a normal routine... her schedule has been a little off since vacation ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

We are paying the price of letting Addie sleep with us while on vacation. She hasn't gone down very easily the last two days for bedtime and naps, but last night was the worst. She woke up around midnight and would not go back in her bed. She constantly screamed (and I mean screamed), "Mama and Dada's bed!" I tried to calm her/put her to sleep for an hour, but when that was unsuccessful, we had to let her cry it out. She screamed for over an hour, while my poor husband sat outside her door. We both did a lot of praying last night... cause what else can you do?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Larson Family Reunion- Oklahoma and Branson, MO... We had a great week. Oklahoma included shooting clay pigeons, boating and tubing on the lake, and some good southern cookin' :) In Branson we stayed at a time share and spent each day at the pool. The evenings consisted of family time- games and sharing stories. Addie did very well. She warmed up to most everyone right away. She slept pretty well (most of the night in our bed) and she loved being in the water every day. It was a lot of driving, that's for sure. We were definitely ready to be out of the car and home today. Brandt and I decided we need a vacation from our vacation now. I guess that's what it means to have kids! But we've had a relaxing afternoon today, considering Addie's been napping for over 3 hours already :)
Baby boy is still crazy busy in my tummy! I have felt more tightening these last couple days. A little uncomfortable as well. I don't think I'll make it to 40 weeks... but I'd like to make it a few more!

Friday, July 03, 2009

All done! We finished baby boy's room tonight. I really like it :) Thanks, Erin, for your help!! Now we are officially on vacation! We leave in the morning - Oklahoma, here we come! Happy 4th of July :)