Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey! It feels good to be home. Our first night went about as well as can be expected. Addie is adjusting pretty well, and still thinks he's "sooo cute!" Eli is eating like a champ and sleeping most of the day. I am so thankful for the support and encouragement we've received from friends and family. And I am especially thankful for Brandt. He is amazing- and I am thrilled to have him home for the next two weeks. Couldn't do it all without him. More updates to come. And anyone that wants to come for a visit, let me know! We love company :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Elias James is here!!!

He was born at 7:01 am and had the following measurements:
- 8 pounds 2 ounces
- 21 inches long
- 13.5 inch head circumference

Eli and Mom are doing great!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In the hospital!!! Steph's water broke today at 2pm... It's almost 11pm and the contractions are getting quicker and more intense. Will update when we can!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, we had a bit of a scare today... not with baby #2, but with Addie. We were walking out of church this morning, both of us holding Addie's hands. And we were swinging Addie by the arms. I know we're not the only ones to have ever done that before, but I can guarantee you, we won't be doing it again! Something popped in her left arm, which left her in tears and complaining that her arm hurt. We tried to get her to move her arm or open and close her hand, but she wouldn't, so we took her to Urgent Care. Of course you feel like awful parents, but the doctor assured us we weren't the only case like this ;) I was fearing the worst--- sitting there all day, getting a cast on her arm, etc... But the doctor took Addie's arm and literally just popped it back into place. Addie cried during that part, but then INSTANTLY was better! I'm not kidding-- I witnessed a miracle!! It was the most amazing thing. She was raising her arm then, opening and closing her hand, and acting like a completely different girl. Not even 20 seconds later, she told the doctor, "Thank you - fix arm."
The doctor told us it was nursemaid's elbow, which I'm sure many of you know about. Ironically, my mom told me this is what I had when I was a little girl, but back then they just put me in a cast right away (on two separate occasions), not even trying to pop something back into place. So, needless to say, Brandt and I were very thankful for this 'easy fix.'

As for the other babe, my due date is Tuesday. I have been content, and still am, but still am asking for prayer! I have a c-section scheduled for Thursday, September 3rd. That gives this baby about 11 more days to come on his own. My doctor doesn't like to induce women going in for v-bacs, so we scheduled the c-section... in case I get that far along. It's hard to know what to pray for. My mind is so set now on having a v-bac, but I don't want to be disappointed if we make it to the c-section date. I just have to think, whatever happens is going to be best for the baby. We'll let you all know if anything happens this week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

39 week doctor appointment today... no progress. I could use a little prayer to keep me content, seeing that it could be another two weeks or so. It's hard because I work myself up, anxious and nervous about my weekly appointments, hoping there will be some sort of progress made... then to find out, two weeks in a row, nothing is happening.
But I know things can progress over night. And I know I'm still a week away from my due date. And I know many women go way past their due dates. So, as frustrating as it was today, I realize I need to be patient and content with where I'm at. After all, once this little one comes, our lives (and routines) will definitely be changed!
Thanks for your prayers :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pics from last weekend at Trout! Anything to get that baby out, right?!

Friday, August 14, 2009

We hung out with Ana, Adam, and baby Asa last night- what a sweetie pie! He was so good- just slept in my arms after dinner... love, love, love! Addie was pretty good around him. She of course thought he was "so cute" but then played on her own and seemed to forget he was there. It was a good taste of what it might be like in a couple days/weeks... :)

Tonight we're hanging with the Lepiens at the Northland Inn! Looking forward to it.

Tomorrow Brandt has his fantasy football draft, which he has been looking forward to since the end of NFL season last year. I really thought the Lord was going to bless us with a child the day of the draft, just to make sure Brandt's priorities were in check, but now it's looking like he'll be able to make it ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Story #1: My daughter eats hot dogs!
You may think, "Of course! What two year old doesn't eat hot dogs?" Well, mine doesn't... didn't... She is quite the picky eater, and yes, some of that is my fault since I have been catering to her every need ;) But I am trying to do better. SO, Sunday night we had brats/hot dogs for dinner. Addie cried and complained and would not touch her hot dog. We explained to her there would be no snacks before bed if she didn't at least try the hot dog, and we left her hot dog on the table just in case she changed her mind. 2 hours later, Addie walks to the kitchen table, grabs her fork and takes a bite of hot dog! One bite = one small achievement :)
So tonight we had burgers on the grill and corn on the cob, and I made Addie another hot dog. She watched me cook it and serve it, and yes, she ate all of her hot dog, even declaring "Yum" after a few bites! One whole hot dog = one large achievement :)

Story #2: "Sunscreen"
At dinner (yes, the same dinner), Brandt and I were into a conversation and not paying attention to Addie. When I looked over at her, this is what I saw... The girl was rubbing her hands in the corn on the cob butter on her plate, wiping them on her legs and neck, smiling mischievously at us, while announcing "sunscreen." What a stinker! Needless to say, we had a good laugh and a bath this evening :)

Story (or fact) #3: Dr. Appt.
I had a doctor appointment today. No progress made. So I'm learning (and trying) to be content while involved in this game of "waiting".
What now? More walking... more sex... ;)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Birth Poll...
We want you to pick the date and time you predict baby boy will enter the world! Fabulous prizes for the winner ;)
I am 38 weeks along. Hope that helps your voting!

Brandt's prediction: Aug. 15th - 4:34AM
Steph's prediction: Aug. 17th- 8:00PM

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Went to the Children's Museum today with Amber and her boys. It was a blast! Honestly it was one of the coolest places I've ever been to! I highly recommend it. They were entertained for 3 hours straight, and we didn't even see all the exhibits. I will definitely be going back.

On a different note, we have an ultrasound tomorrow, just to make sure baby boy is still growing well and everything looks ok. I'm looking forward to getting another peek at him :)