Friday, August 14, 2009

We hung out with Ana, Adam, and baby Asa last night- what a sweetie pie! He was so good- just slept in my arms after dinner... love, love, love! Addie was pretty good around him. She of course thought he was "so cute" but then played on her own and seemed to forget he was there. It was a good taste of what it might be like in a couple days/weeks... :)

Tonight we're hanging with the Lepiens at the Northland Inn! Looking forward to it.

Tomorrow Brandt has his fantasy football draft, which he has been looking forward to since the end of NFL season last year. I really thought the Lord was going to bless us with a child the day of the draft, just to make sure Brandt's priorities were in check, but now it's looking like he'll be able to make it ;)

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