Tuesday, August 18, 2009

39 week doctor appointment today... no progress. I could use a little prayer to keep me content, seeing that it could be another two weeks or so. It's hard because I work myself up, anxious and nervous about my weekly appointments, hoping there will be some sort of progress made... then to find out, two weeks in a row, nothing is happening.
But I know things can progress over night. And I know I'm still a week away from my due date. And I know many women go way past their due dates. So, as frustrating as it was today, I realize I need to be patient and content with where I'm at. After all, once this little one comes, our lives (and routines) will definitely be changed!
Thanks for your prayers :)


natalie eve said...

I'm so proud of you for plugging away, momma! If you get to have this baby the old fashioned way (well, old fashioned plus an epidural!) it'll be so exciting! You are gonna be amazing! Love you!

Ana Heeren said...

Love you girl! You are doing great! I bet it is so much more difficult waiting, rather then having a scheduled day he will come like last time. I am so proud of you as well for sticking it out! It will so be worth it when he comes, and we can't wait to meet him! LOVE YOU!