Thursday, April 27, 2017

Oliver is 3!

This boy is growing up too fast!  What a sweet, gentle-spirited, little man.  We just adore him.

Fave food- mac and cheese
Fave color- red
Fave movie- Big Hero 6
Fave thing to do outside- blow bubbles and jump on trampoline
Fave song- Lullaby
Fave sibling- "Addie and Eli and Izzy and Mom"  Ha!!!!  LOL

Potty trained in two days-- amazing. 
Naps at least 2 hours every day-- amazing.
Loves to snuggle-- amazing.
Loves to make us laugh-- amazing.

We love you, Oliver!  Happy 3rd bday!!!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Three winters in a row!  I will make these kiddos smile for the "sled picture" every year until they are old and gray :)  It's tradition!!  Thank goodness for the little bit of snow we got this morning because I had yet to capture the sled pic for this year.  Yikes!  Got it just in time :)  Thanks kids for being so willing to say "cheese!"  ;)