Saturday, March 14, 2009

Found a great deal on mega blocks at Once Upon A Child! They came in this wagon, but Addie would rather sit in the wagon than put the blocks in it. First day we had it, she sat in there for 45 minutes!! Crazy girl :)

Last night B and I went with our good friends and took a Salsa dance lesson for an hour! It was hilarious! We (at least I) had a blast! Then we headed to a restaurant downtown for dinner and dancing. Well, dinner and 'observing dancing' for us :)

It was warm in there :)
On a side note... felt the baby moving this week for the first time. Very exciting!


- e - said...

We did finally get out there - you left 10 minutes too soon!! (= Hip, hip hop, hip hop anonymous next weekend...anyone?? (=

natalie eve said...

Glad to hear Ad likes the wagon - that's what we are getting the girls for Easter! Well, not the mega block one, one for actually riding in :)

Your belly is soooo cute! And your hair is so long! Fun, fun, fun!

xoxoxo ~ Me