Saturday, April 02, 2011

Well, we are slowly feeling more 'moved in' :) I've decided that unpacking boxes after a move is like Christmas every day! At one point our garage looked like we should have been on the show HOARDERS, but Brandt has been working hard to put everything in its place. We were even able to park two cars in the garage a couple days after the move! He's amazing :)
We love the house. The kids have adjusted so quickly. They love to run circles on the main level. We've stayed busy and have had lots of help with various projects. The snow finally melted in our backyard. We were anxious to see what 'goodies' the previous owners (and dogs) left for us! Not too bad... 7 dog toys, 3 dog bones, 1 dog chain, 2 dog bowls, one random concrete square, 2 shirts, trampoline springs, 1 ski pole, 1 bundt pan, and unfortunately NO raspberry bushes (we thought there were some).
Addie's favorite part of the house, besides her freshly-painted pink bedroom, is the mailbox. She seriously checks it about 5 times a day. Send her mail, people! She would go crazy ;) We just had a box with a key at the townhome and she was unable to reach it, so she loves this new one!
I've had great friends assisting me with my decorating skills :) Paint is slowly getting up on the walls and curtains are being hung! We are 12 minutes walking distance from Nana, so the kids and I met her at the park last week. So fun! We just love being in Maple Grove. Feeling so thankful!
B starts his busy week this week and I'm going to sub two half days this week at PACT. It'll be nice to get back in a classroom for a bit. Special Ed on Wed. and 7th/8th grade Drama on Friday... should be interesting!
Haven't taken many pictures (sorry Natalie), because the house is still a work-in-progress. I'll take a few and post this week!

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natalie eve said...

It's okay ;)I forgive you (for now!) We'll get something in the the mail for Miss Addie soon. xoxo