Sunday, April 17, 2011

Favorite things about our house...

*washer and dryer are on the main level and NOT in basement! I actually enjoy doing laundry!
*our yard- watching the kids run around or roll around the yard (thanks, Uncle Aaron)
*neighborhood... we've already connected with some neighbors and Addie loves going outside to play with her "new friends" -- TONS of kids around here :)
*X Box in basement - two levels away from the kids sleeping = lots of volume! (that was B's comment of course)
*windows everywhere- lots of light!
*12 minute walk to Nana's house :)

We are loving being in Maple Grove! Still have rooms to paint, boxes to unload, and walls to decorate, but we're loving our space and the fact that it's a fresh start. Addie's looking forward to an Easter egg hunt in the backyard this weekend. Praying for warm weather!!

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