Saturday, March 19, 2011

We spent the last three days in the Wisconsin Dells. The kids were perfect! They both LOVED being in the water. There were three waterparks at our timeshare, so we had a variety of things to do. Addie was SO brave!! Did crazy big waterslides all by herself! I had no idea she would do so well. I told Brandt she's going to be dragging me on to rides/slides in the future!! Eli just enjoyed walking up and down the steps into and out of the water. He also loved watching the giant bucket fill with water and spill over onto people's heads :) They both enjoyed the lazy river (or the "crazy river" as Addie called it), and we even took them on a giant family tube ride. It was a blast and a much needed two days away as a family.
Moving day count down = 7 days!

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