Thursday, July 29, 2010

We celebrated my nana's life today. It was amazing service.

My nana had TONS of reading glasses-- the boys and Addie are sporting some above :)

Going through the scrapbooks of my nana's life and listening to my grandpa share stories.

Auntie Kylee and Addison

Addie and my cousin Lexi were best friends all week.

Fun to be together, despite sad circumstances...

My incredible grandfather and Addie.

The morning of the reviewal, I had the following conversation with Addie--
"Mama, Great Nana and Papa are in heaven together now!"
"You are right, Addie! Do you think they're hanging out together?"
"What do you think they are doing in heaven?"
"Playing games."
"What game do you think they're playing in heaven?
"Wack-a-mole!" :) I can only imagine!!

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Ana Heeren said...

Haha! Love Addie! Miss you friend. Have been praying for you! I would love to talk, but don't want to keep stalking you. Call me when you feel up to it. Love you!