Wednesday, July 14, 2010


-Eli crawls! It's taken him awhile to get the hang of it, but now he's crawling all over the place :) He's enjoying the fact that he can get around and explore.

-Brandt has had a pretty easy week at work so far this week-- working 'remotely' (aka spending more time with us)!!

-Addie is our picky eater (my fault), but lately we've been enforcing or threatening consequences if she doesn't try what's on her plate at dinner. The first few nights we had major temper tantrums, but I think we've made a break-through... she ate taco salad last night with no complaints! This is a BIG deal, folks :) She even announced while eating, "Look, Dad! I eat taco salad like you guys!" Followed by, "Mom, you make good things!" :)

-I went bridesmaid dress shopping with Tricia last weekend-- such fun! Looking forward to the wedding next May!

-Eli was dedicated at church last Sunday. The service was nice and we had a good afternoon with family.

-Finally, B and I, along with lifelong friends, Natalie and Allen, leave for Vegas in 9 days! I couldn't be more excited!! A time for sun, pool, cards, eating out, shows, relaxing, and sleeping through the night!!

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