Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The things I'm learning...
-Your body CAN function on little (and I mean little) sleep :)
-You can love a second child, one you just met, just as much as the first
-Older children adapt well - Addie has been just perfect the last two days
-Babies sleep ALL the time (I forgot this!)
-The laundry/dishes/trash has seemed to double in size ... we do all three every single day!
-The mind is a mysterious thing... every day I get further away from the labor experience, the less I remember. Ask me yesterday, and I would've still opted for another c-section... ask me today, I'd think about the whole labor thing again!
-Boys DO pee almost every time I change his diaper. I had heard the 'warnings' but didn't believe it to be true. I can't tell you how many diapers/onesies/pj's we go through every night

A funny story...
Last night before bed, Brandt told me to wake him up (if he didn't on his own) to change Eli and get him ready to be fed. I told him I would. So the first two feedings, I woke up Brandt and told him I was ready for him to change the babe. By the time I had set Eli on the floor and gotten a diaper ready, I would look back at Brandt, and there he was, cuddled up in bed, sound asleep!! Ha! So, the first two feedings, I did all the work ;) The next few, I actually handed the child to Brandt so he did his part! Gotta love him!

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Ali said...

He is SOOO Cute!