Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few pictures from the last week. We're doing well... B starts classes at the U this Saturday and then work next Monday. But we will survive without him :) Now I may actually take a nap during the day, when he's gone, instead of cramming in episodes of LOST while Addie sleeps. We are on Season 2 and are completely addicted ;)


Becki Bahnson said...

Super cute pics. I would still love to meet your little family soon. I am glad that Addie is doing well. From personal experience I would say you might just still be in the honeymoon stage or maybe she will want to be a little mom. My little Kobe loved Jada for awhile now he doesn't so much like to share, toys or mom!

natalie eve said...

Yay for new pics of the babes! So cute! Enjoy your last few days with the hubs. I know you are gonna do excellent next week. xoxoxox - me

Brandt and Steph said...

Thanks for the encouragement Becki... jk