Sunday, October 07, 2007

We started Addison on some solids this weekend. She loved applesauce last night, but hated the sweet peas tonight. I don't blame her. They tasted gross! B left again. We had a wonderful weekend together as a family :-) Tomorrow night Addie and I are going to sleep at my parents' house... should be fun!


Brandt & Steph said...

Why is it all wet underneath her chin? Hehe.


natalie eve said...

Nora's favorite is peas. She seems to like the veggies more than the fruits. Silly girl. But we didn't try her on fruits until we tried all the veggies first. Did you start cereal (outside of the bottle) as well? Do you have one of those mesh teethers that you can put real fruit pieces in? They can just suck the juice & pulp out of the fruit? Nora likes her fruit that way.

margaret said...

None of my kids would eat any baby food that was green. Even if I tried to trick them by putting carrots or pears over the other stuff they would spit it right out at me. It was only the beginning of their rebellion! :)