Sunday, October 14, 2007

We are finally home :) It was a wonderful weekend in Salt Lake City. Addie was great on the plane ride there last Thursday, and she was a trooper all weekend. Here are some of the highlights... trip to Saratoga Springs (Brandt wanted to visit there because he remembered it being a stop on OREGON TRAIL...anyone remember that?), mini-golf- twice because we loved it so much, visit to Olympic Park in Park City, shopping, ROOK (when Addie went to bed), eating lots, and just being together! The plane ride home was rough, but we survived :) Could I do it again? Probably... but it is a lot of work for a weekend away. It was nice to see Brandt, hard to leave him, and sad to come home alone again. Here are a few photos from the weekend. Thanks to those of you that prayed for our flights.


margaret said...

Remember The Oregon Trail? Only the greatest game on a junky 80's computer EVER!

Justine said...

Zorb!!!!!!!! I miss you soooo much. I never get to see you in the mornings anymore. : ( We need to find a day where I can come and see both you and Addie.

Brandt & Steph said...

Love you ladies!