Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yesterday was a tough day. Addie hasn't been feeling the greatest. Lots of screaming and lots of really messy diapers. I took her in and they suggested I cut milk out of my diet. It seems to be not settling well with her. Although I LOVE milk, I'd give up just about anything to not have what we had yesterday :) She was awake most of the day, crying and screaming, so I figured she'd sleep really well last night... WRONG! She was awake until 3 AM, when Dad finally took her and got her to sleep until 5. She just doesn't like to be laying alone in her cradle. She will be fine the minute someone picks her up and holds her, but that doesn't help us get any sleep. She would eat, burp, fall asleep, and then the minute I lay her down, she'd cry, scream, and become wide awake again. AAHHH!!! Needless to say, Brandt and I got very little sleep as well. Hopefully I can keep her awake a bit today, so maybe she'll sleep tonight. I would appreciate prayers today :)
On a side note... she weighs 9 pounds, 2 ounces as of yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there babe. The weekend is almost here... I'll let you sleep a little bit ;)


Anonymous said...

My daughter hated sleeping in her bassinet but a friend told me this trick and it worked:

Take 2 of her recieving blankets sleep with them in your bed (so they smell like you) then the next night, roll them up into tubes and squish them right up next to her - one on each side.

One other thing that worked amazing for us - I would pump a bottle sometime in the evening and then give it to her around 10 at night. I think the fact that she had a solid 6-7 oz in her stomach right before we went to sleep helped her to sleep. She would sleep almost 6 hours before needing another feeding.

Hopefully that will help you get some sleep.

Phylee said...

Hey, sis. :) Praying for you today.

Anonymous said...

I definelty remember those days they were just weeks away. Kobe is much better now but still prefers to be held and not sleep in his bassinet. We found if you really need sleep, bring him into bed and sleep with him, not the best habit forever but it is nice to sleep. He sleeps in his carseat now still because he likes sitting upright better than laying down, helps with any acid relex problems too. One day Kobe screamed the most he ever has and we figured out it is green vegetables, especially brocilli so maybe you could see if you ate that. Helping them stay awake during the day doesn't seem to be an option, but you could try it. Those days are few and far between and the rest make it worth it!

Becki Bahnson (Beckman)