Friday, June 15, 2007

My Addison is 2 weeks old today. We had a doctor's appointment today. It went very well. She weighs 8 pounds 2 1/2 ounces... more than her birth weight, which is good. She measured 20 3/4 inches in length. I have two more days with Brandt at home. He goes back to work Monday. Pray for me next week :-)


Isabelle said...

Mrs. Sorbel!! Oh Addie is so cute! Erica just told me that you had a web page on here. it is so exciting to see pics of her and you! She is very beautiful! I am so excited for you! I have a present for her/you so I will have to give it to you on the 30th when I see you at the danceline fundraiser! I love you!!


Stephanie said...

Call me next week! I would love to have you both over! I think it's so sweet that your students leave you messages. You are an A+ teacher!

natalie eve said...

OHMIGOSH I cannot stand how cute your little girl is! I seriously want to eat her up!! I can't wait to meet her this weekend - EEE!! Love you!

margaret said...

What a beautiful picture!!!!

Joy said...

Hey Steph! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl. Give me a call (862-0682) if you need some support, maybe we can get together and stare at someone else's walls for a while, LOL.

love ya!


Tricia said...

I just love my little niece! She's the most precious little baby I've ever seen. I don't blame you for wanting to look at her for hours and hours at a time! Love you all lots! Let little Addison know that so maybe she won't ever pee on me again. :-)
Love ya!
-Auntie Tricia