Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Well... we are finally home! It was one too many days in the hospital, but they let us go today. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers, gifts, visits, and comments on the blog! We'll continue to keep you updated with pictures and thoughts as the days go on. Here's a little something from me...
...I could love someone I just met so much
...I would just want to sit and stare at her for hours and hours
...I could love the way she smells so much :)
...that 2 hours of sleep could feel like 12!
...to fall in love with Brandt even more as we became parents
...this journey to be such a rollercoaster of emotions - lots of ups and downs
...feeding to be so tough (but we're getting the hang of it)
...to say I'd be willing to do another c-section any day!
...being a mom could feel so fabulous

That's about it! Enjoy those pics :-)


Amber said...

Beautiful! Just BEAUTIFUL! You are the cutest family ever! Miracles happen and when you hold them in your arms, it just takes your breath away! Congratulations, Sorbels! And little Miss Addie...We can't wait to spend the summer with you!

- e - said...

amazing, steph...i'm so excited for you guys...love you, and will look forward to seeing the updates since i won't be holding her again for another month!! (= congrats again, momma!!

Lori said...

She is beautiful!! I can't wait to meet her. Congratulations!!!

I have a huge bag of clothes for you!!

Jeannie said...

OK, you have me in tears...such beautiful pix and Steph, your message was so great...brought back memories for me. Hope all is going well at home. My love to all of you.

margaret said...

Steph, you look WAY too good for just having your first baby!

Carrie B said...

She is beautiful! Congrats!