Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is my Addie blog post...
I am so proud of this girl and the person she is becoming! We have been attending New Hope Church and after only 4 weeks of being there, I threw her into her first year of VBS. She walked in like a champ, knowing no one, but excited beyond belief! She loved every day of Bible School and was bummed she didn't get to go back this week. Eli and I had some good quality time together each morning-- kinda gave me a taste of what Kindergarten will be like :)
Addie is also in swimming lessons. Our last swimming lessons was a parent/child class and it was a horrible experience. We didn't even finish all the sessions because she would scream through the class and not let go of my neck. She's in a class without me now, along with 5 other little girls, and she LOVES it! She's doing everything they ask with excitement and energy! I just sit in the bleachers beaming the entire time because I am so proud of her :) Growing up so fast!!
Brandt and I leave for Florida this Saturday-- 5 days by ourselves!! I couldn't be more ready and more excited for a vacation. Looking forward to some relaxing, good eating, and lots of movie dates. I'm so thankful for our family, willing to take our kids and love on them for a few days. They will be in great hands :)

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