Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brandt and I had a fabulous 5 days in Florida. We laugh because every day was spent laying by the pool, reading books, and basking in the silence! Yes, we enjoyed being with each other, but it was so refreshing to just do nothing and not have someone saying, "Mama! Dada!" all day long. I love my kids and I was so ready to see them today, but it was so wonderful to have a break. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to be a mom once again! ALL parents should get away. It's so important! I highly recommend it :)
We definitely ate too much, slept longer each night than we ever will again, played cards which we haven't done in years, and just loved hanging out with no schedule, no work, and no place to be.
I'm so thankful for family that juggled our kids around the past five days. As excited as Addie was to see us tonight, she still went to bed saying, "I'm sad I won't be sleeping at Grammy's again for a long time."
We didn't take too many pics- cause it's more fun to take pictures of our kids than of ourselves, but here are a few :)

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