Friday, January 29, 2010

"These are a few of our favorite things..." (I made B do this--thought it would be fun!)

-chocolate chip cookie from Potbelly
-Diet Coke fountain beverage
-open mouth baby kisses
-LOST Seasons 1-5 :)
-cinnamon sugar pretzel from Target
-reading books to both babes
-hanging out with 24 anxious dancers before a competition
-7:30PM when the kiddos go to bed :)

-shopping the clearance aisles at Target
-spying on other people's lives on Facebook
-small group
-playing basketball
-Cheez-It Mix
-Vanilla Coke Zero
-7:30PM when the kiddos go to bed :)

-fishy crackers
-tea parties
-pink blankie
-Pizza Hut dates at Target

-his Daddy
-sweet potatoes
-any toy he can get to his mouth
-Mommy's milk :)

1 comment:

natalie eve said...

I like this. :)
I'm all about DC fountain pop & Target clearance aisles! Nora loves cinnamon sugar "bagels" (aka pretzels) from Target & tea parties. Jo couldn't live w/out pink blankie & her belly is an aquarium full of fishy crackers. No wonder we're friends :)