Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few of the latest things...

-I think Addie is teething... 2 year molars?? She chews on her fingers constantly and is having trouble sleeping / falling asleep. Hope it passes...

-Baby boy is CRAZY! I don't think he ever sleeps... honestly! I don't remember feeling Addie move this much. It's a blessing, yes, to be able to feel him move, but it would be nice if he calmed down every once in a while! I think Brandt and I may get a run for our money with this one :)

-B went shopping today (he does this twice a year) and bought cute plaid golf shorts! Love them!

-Addie and I are halfway through our 8 swimming lessons. Four more this week. We don't do much- float, bob, kick our feet, blow bubbles, dunk the head... but it's 30 minutes of swimming each day and she loves it!

-We rented The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night- a great movie! We highly recommend it.

-Finally, we are leaving this coming Saturday for the annual Larson family reunion. This year it's Oklahoma and Branson, Missouri. I am looking forward to a week with the family-- all the family!

Now you know everything there is to know about the Sorbel clan ;)

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