Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things are good... I'm feeling much better this week! I'll be 11 weeks this weekend. Tonight I got to get out and have a girl's night with some dear friends. We had dinner and saw Bride Wars- cute movie! Nice to see a chick flick for once :)
Saturday is the big day for my dance team--sections!! 11 teams compete and the top three in each dance go to State! Crazy, but we actually may have a chance. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'll keep you updated.
Work has been crazy busy for the hubby, but he is loving his job, so that's what's important! He starts traveling next week. Just four days, but he hasn't traveled in over a year, so I'm a little sad. Addie and I will have some good quality time together. And I may rent some more chick flicks for the evenings.
Addie's latest words:
-gray (without the 'r')
Well, that's life in a nutshell! Have a wonderful weekend :)


amber said...

You know you are ALWAYS welcome here for dinner in the evenings! :)

Becki Bahnson said...

Being pregnant is a lot of work with a little one. I'll pray for you and your little baby! Congrats again and having two is great! It is fun seeing her list of words because Kobe's list of words is constantly growing as well and it is so fun to hear him develop daily.