Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just had to get Brand't mustache pic off the blog page! We're doing well... it's been an adjustment for all of us getting back into the routine again. I definitely look forward to summer after two weeks home for Christmas break. It's hard to be away from her all day.
Addie just has such a funny personality these days. Brandt and I laugh at (with) her all the time! Yesterday, after taking a bite of a Ritz cracker and saying "moon" (cause it did look like a moon), she proceeded to put the cracker on her head and smash it into a million crumbs. Then she said "uh oh" and started to laugh! As did we :) Today at Lynn's house, she took one of those nose bulbs, stuck it in her nose, and held her hands out, showing how it stayed in there by itself. She of course thought it was the funniest trick she'd ever performed! Dorky stories, but she's just so funny!! If you ever need a laugh... feel free to come spend an evening with us :)

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