Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm a stay-at-home mom today! Kinda nice :) My parents are out of town this week, so Addie went to Amber's yesterday, and I took the day off to stay home today. A much needed vacation day! We got some pictures taken this morning at JCPenneys... the lady was able to snap 6 pictures total before Addie flipped out and didn't want anything else to do with the camera. But, 6 were enough! They turned out cute. I'll post them on here soon. Other than that, just ran errands today, went on a walk, and got some work done while she napped. Tomorrow is my last day for the week, and Friday, B and I leave for the weekend on a vacation with friends! CAN'T WAIT!!


ana banana said...

Where are you going....somewhere fun????!!! Excited to see the pictures!

Lloyd and Marci said...

Can't wait to see pictures. have a great weekend. Love you,