Sunday, September 28, 2008

Addie and Liam

Sweet Landon :)

We had a nice weekend... Date night on Friday (thanks, Mom!), scrapping with my mom on Saturday, and lunch/Vikings game with the Marsh clan today (pictures above).
Two funny stories...
Addie enjoys dancing in our bedroom because there's a cd player in there. Well last night, while home with Brandt, he caught her dancing in front of the mirror in our room. When she saw that he had 'caught' her, she closed the door on him! She wanted privacy :)
Addie has a habit of grabbing at the tall blinds in the living room. We tell her "no" and she steps away. Or she starts to slowly grab a blind and glance at us, testing us, and waiting to see if we'll say "no" again. Well, today Brandt started slapping her hand when she touched the blinds. He did it a couple times and she got the hint. Later this evening, though, she grabbed the blinds again. We both said "no" and she slapped her own hand and walked away! We kept straight faces until she wasn't looking at us, but then we had to laugh. So cute :)


ana banana said...

That is HILARIOUS! Smart girl you got there!

Phylee said...

HA! She is so funny!!