Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brandt left today for a week. He's in Columbus, Ohio, ironically enough (my home town)! It was hard for him to leave our sweet baby girl today, so I will be updating the blog every day this week with pics... Enjoy!


Stephanie Balvin said...

Come over any or every day this week. We don't have anything on the calendar, so it's an open invitation. Or if you need a break, we will watch her and you can browse Target or something fun like that!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there SUPER MOM- You are doing great! That baby girl is blessed to have such a devoted, loving mommy that wants all the best for her baby girl. As the each day passes by your job as mommy will become more and more rewarding as she begins interacting with you more and more. Keep smiling! ~Amber