Thursday, August 16, 2007

Addie and I had a fabulous day together today. I head back to work tomorrow, and I am very sad today just thinking about it. I'm only working part time, and I know she will be in great hands with my mom and Brandt's mom, but it's sad realizing we won't be spending full days together anymore. Crazy how one day you can be crying because you just need a break and the next day crying because you never want to leave her. Must be love :-)
Brandtis- we will see you very soon!


Brandt & Steph said...

She looks very comfortable on that couch! See you soon!


Lloyd and Marci said...

8 more days and Addie and I will spend lots of time together. Can't wait. I know this will be hard at times, Steph, but once you get back into teaching, you'll remember how much you love that part of your life too.