Saturday, September 20, 2014


 Our kiddos started school... I'm just a little late in posting :)  Addison is loving 2nd grade.  She's reading all the time.  Loves everything about school- teacher, friends, learning, etc.  She's also in the middle of her fall soccer season, where Brandt is coaching her team.  It's been so fun to watch her improve as a soccer player.  Her dad is a pretty fantastic coach as well.  :)

 Elias started preschool for his third year.  He walked in with no tears, head held high, confident as ever.  He loves being back into a routine again... as do I  ;)  Eli is also playing soccer and loving it.  He is a terrific kid!

 Our Izzy started a dance class last week.  She's starving for attention and is constantly carted around to the older kids' events.  We just needed to give her something for "her", and this is it :)  She counts down the days!  So fun!  She's spunky, sassy, and sweet all at the same time, but we adore her. 

 We are blessed to raise these babies.  Thank you, Lord!

Our Oliver will be 5 months old tomorrow and he is such a JOY!  He's rocking the baby food twice a day and is constantly rolling from back to tummy if we leave him on the floor.  He's happy...he loves the kids... he goes with the flow... he sleeps well wherever we are at (poor guy may never get on a normal sleep schedule!)... he's a dream.  We LOVE him. 

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