Friday, January 17, 2014


I love this little man with all my heart, but wow, he can be difficult sometimes!!  We've gone through a season of tantrums lately where there's lots of yelling, hitting, throwing and destroying.  They don't last long and they are always followed by sorrow for his actions and a different, changed attitude for the remainder of the day... but still exhausting to deal with.
We started a sticker chart for chores, playing by himself, and acts of kindness and he's really made progress!!  He's taking ownership of this chart, doing his duties willingly, and seeming eager to do good.  Haven't had a tantrum in over a week.  Really proud of him. 
He's a boy.  Still expecting tantrums as a way to express his anger, but maybe he's got a handle on ways to deal with it a little better.  Can almost see his wheels turning when he's about to get upset over something silly.  Seems to help him overcome it. 
I do think the Lord blesses us ...when one child is exhausting/hard, the other kiddos seem to be in a pretty good place. 
Anxious but excited to bring another man into our family.  13 weeks to go :)

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Bethany said...

I know exactly what you mean! Keep up the good work friend.