Saturday, October 12, 2013

Much needed update!

I've kinda fallen off the bandwagon of blogging here... I apologize to my 5 or 6 readers ;)
We are having another!  I'm sure all of you know that, but I had to keep our announcement quiet until I saw a friend two weeks ago that I haven't seen in two years.  Wanted to tell her in person.  I kept the secret and crossed my fingers and it worked!  I got to tell her in person and she had no idea!  Fun :)
But yes, we are breaking the mold a bit-- #4 is to arrive April 18.  Easter weekend...yikes!
We are excited!  I am feeling great!  Addie and Eli are hoping for a boy!  And Izzy has NO idea that this baby is going to flip her life upside down.  So, I'm thankful we have a few more months!  Quite a few... we will be ready :)

In other news... Addie is loving first grade!  She adores her teacher and her friends.  We had a terrific conference about her, which of course I cried through because I was so proud of her.  She's still such a joy.  Eli is a different kid this year!  He's confident.  He loves school.  He has conversations with kids and adults!  WHAT?!  It's good.  I think the world of him :)  Isabelle has quite the personality.  She takes most of my attention these days, but I'm loving the time she wants to be with me (which may be 24 hours a day...ahhhh!!!), cause I know she will grow out of that quickly.   She's got a million words!  And she loves her brother and sister.  Brandt started a new job this week.  Finally, he will be worked hard and a company is going to benefit from his brains!  We are feeling blessed by this new opportunity and the Lord's timing in it all.  All for now... :)

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Coombes said...

Great picture and update friend!!!
Love you and miss you :)
Next - I want an updated picture of your belly :)