Monday, March 18, 2013

 We are in a stage right now where these two are like the best of friends one minute and the worst of enemies the next.  Fighting, yelling, dirty looks, and hitting--- yucka!  But then five minutes later (or after separation in their rooms), they are giggling, playing their own "sneak up on mom" game, or performing a fashion show for Izzy--- the best of friends!  I get that this is typical of siblings... I just enjoy the best of friends moments much better :)

My Iz is the messiest eater in the world!  She loves any and every kind of food, but I swear she gets most of it on her body or in her hair rather than in her mouth.  We do baths every day for this child, which she loves, so I think she probably puts food in her hair on purpose, knowing she'll get a bath if she does it enough!  The other fun fact about the Iz is that she's the one to constantly remind us to pray before meals.  She will fold her hands and make some loud noise to get our attention until we join her in prayer.  She will then remind us to pray multiple times during the course of the meal :)  Loving this girl!

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