Monday, October 08, 2012

I love this little guy!  We have successfully potty trained Eli - day and night!  He actually caught on quicker than Addie did :)  There have been occasional accidents when he becomes too distracted to think about it, but overall, he was perfect!
That was last week... this week is cutting naps.  I'm crazy, I know... but this kid fights me EVERY DAY at nap and bedtime.  When he naps (which has been every day), he isn't tired until like 8:30 or 9pm and we start bed time routine at 7:30.  So, our night without kids doesn't start until he's quiet.  I just think it's time.  Hoping he'll be exhausted and ready for bed when Addie is now.
Today was the first day.  He had 35 minutes of quiet time in his room.  I supplied him with trains, cars, books, and coloring stuff.  He had to stay in his room until the timer went off.  He loved it!  And besides the two times he had to go to the bathroom, I loved it :)  Tomorrow we'll make a bathroom stop before quiet time ;)

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