Friday, August 17, 2012

It's just us this weekend!  Brandt is on a "man weekend" with some friends up north.  We are off to a pretty good start.  Celebrating Eli's birthday on Sunday, so we have stuff to do this weekend to keep us busy. I'm struggling with finding a balance between playing with my kids and getting the everyday chores done around the house. It's hard to do both.  Addie and Eli are also super dependent-- wanting me to play with them all the time.  They have a hard time playing on their own and when they do play together, we are constantly battling a fight.  Siblings :)  Trying to enjoy the remainder of summer instead of just "getting through" it.  Kindergarten is just around the corner and things are going to change drastically!  Love being home with them every day still.  I think just not getting the normal weekend break with Brandt being gone has been a little tough.  A simple remedy would be looking at their picture up there-- can't help but smile :)

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