Monday, January 30, 2012

Tonight we camped out in our family room! Trying to do some fun/creative things with these two during our last couple weeks with just 2 kids. Not that camping is super creative, but for some reason, moving toys from downstairs to upstairs and presenting this camping thing as being the most exciting thing ever... actually became the most exciting thing ever for them!
I am about 4 weeks away. My coaching season ends in three weeks, so I'd like to make it at least til then! I'm looking forward to meeting this little girl and super pumped to get her out of my aching body!! This third one has done a number on me :)
I'm definitely anxious for my Eli. He's gonna have a rough adjustment, I think. Addie will be ok. She'll help out with the babe. She has a number of activities she's involved in, so that will still give her things to do out of the house and on her own. But Eli may just think his world has ended... hoping not! He's such a momma's boy. I think sharing my love and attention with someone more needy than him will be tough. But I could be wrong ;) Just trying to love on them both as much as I can in the meantime.

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Ali said...

Addie looks so old in that picture!