Sunday, October 23, 2011

These pics got a little out of order-- stinkin' Windows computer... Anyway, we've had a fun, fast October! Brandt and I went to Lutsen with our friends, Billy and Heidi. It was a relaxing, refreshing 3 days. We loved every minute of it :) Took the kids to the MN Zoo last week on the most beautiful day ever! They could've stared at that dolphin all day, I think. Amazing! We switched Eli over to a toddler bed this last weekend. He has made the transition perfectly (knock on wood), and actually sleeps longer now than he did in his crib.
I start coaching tomorrow, so busy season finally begins!! Looking forward to it and thankful for family that are taking care of the kiddos each afternoon. The next four months are gonna fly... then baby girl... yikes!

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