Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I feel like there's a lot going on right now.
My siblings are in town this week because my little bro is getting married this Saturday. Addie and Eli will have another chance to walk down the aisle... they were perfect at the last wedding, so we'll see how they do this weekend. Addie's looking forward to dressing up, eating cake and cookies at the reception and staying up late to dance!
We scheduled an August surgery for Addison to get her tonsils and adenoids out. She also has fluid in her ears which is causing her to have some hearing loss, so they are going to also make an incision in her ears and try to drain the fluid, putting in tubes if need-be. I just told her she was going to get to eat a lot of ice cream and yogurt afterward, and she was excited :) I'm anxious about it-- but it's awhile yet...
Brandtis has been busy with the yard the past month. The trees in our front yard are trimmed and look incredible! We almost have two working spigots outside for some sprinkler action. We got gutters just in time for all this rain. And now we have plans to lay some mulch and plant a couple things :) Fun to see it all start to come together!
As the kids and I are home every day together (ALL DAY), with no preschool, dance, or extra activities, I am continuing to learn patience. The days are long, yet the weeks fly by... and before I know it, Addie will be in elementary school, so I'm trying to savor each day and each moment with these two.
I'm so thankful for where we landed here in Maple Grove. Our neighbors are incredible, generous, and just simply great people! We feel so blessed :)
I'll post pics after the crazy wedding weekend!


Rachel Eastman said...

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL??? How did that happen?! Didn't you just have her??? :)

Brandt and Steph said...

No, no... preschool next year, then kindergarten... I was just saying it's going fast :)