Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My sis is getting married this weekend! Tricia's wedding is Friday night, with the festivities starting tomorrow evening :) I'm looking forward to every part of the weekend!
B just got back from Vegas for my brother's bachelor party. He had a great time and we survived without him for the long weekend.
Kids have been so great lately- very independent (from me) and just loving each other! Eli literally wants to do EVERYTHING Addie is doing. Addie's wearing a hat... so is Eli. Addie's serving me rocks for "dinner" at the park... so is Eli. He adores his big sister.
I'm anxious to see how they do at the wedding- hopefully they'll both walk down the aisle ok... we'll try and capture some good pics :)

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Ana Heeren said...

Yay! Glad you are enjoying life!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding! Totally miss you. I think i have about kicked this sickness. Next week...playdate...much needed! Miss you!