Monday, January 31, 2011

Not sure why this last picture keeps flipping on me. It's the right way in my picture files!! I give up, so just turn your head :)
Things are good-- busy right now-- but good. Eli is a little man. He has a couple words-- "Da-da" for Dad, "Dadadada" for Mom, "Addie", "that", "hot", "down", and "hot dog." But even though he has little words, he's a great communicator! We almost always know what he's trying to say to us-- or if we get it wrong he shakes his head NO until we figure it out :) He enjoys 'helping me with dishes' (as seen above). He still LOVES his vacuum. He is sleeping much better these days- 11 hours a night, so I am a happy girl! He is still such a cuddle-bug. LOVES giving hugs :) Almost 18 months--- crazy!
Addison is my little smarty pants. She knows all her letters (upper case) and can write almost all 26 of them. At preschool she's learning the sign language for the letters, as well as the sounds they make. She wants to learn more, which is huge. We'll just be having a conversation and I'll say a word, she'll recognize the sound it starts with, and then tell me - "Mom! BALL, sounds like 'buh' so it starts with the letter B" :) It's amazing! Otherwise, still loving preschool and dance. Her 'best friend' from dance class just moved to TN this week, so that was a traumatizing experience for her. Cried for days-- some days 30 minutes straight! I had no idea how much that was going to affect her. But we promised to stay in touch. I encouraged her to make another friend tonight at dance... :)
Brandt and I are fine. I love my coaching job-- I think Brandt is ready for me to be done. The season is draining on us-- it's busy right now. What would I really love? A vaca with my hubby-- just the two of us! But we have to wait a little while for that.
And that's a wrap!

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