Thursday, December 09, 2010

Been horrible at updating. Brandt reminded me to update yesterday. I told him he hasn't updated in over a year, so it was his turn. But who's writing?? It's me again :)
Addie's quote from yesterday-
I told her I was starting to get a cold. She said, "How do you get a cold?" I tried to explain a bit, but she interrupted and said, "No, Mom. You are getting a cold because you drink too much pop." Yikes!! Ok... so my New Year's Resolution... no more pop. Or maybe some every once in awhile... but no more being addicted to the caffeine. No, I'm not starting it now... I'll start it in January. If my mom could do it, so can I ;)
Coaching is going well. First competition is a week from Saturday. We're not ready yet, but we will be. Love competition season!
Brandt is enjoying his new job. Had orientation this week and attended meetings. Not really sure what else he does, but he's loving the company. The kids and I met him for lunch this week, which was super great! A really fun working environment-- I found myself slightly jealous.
Counting down the days until Christmas. I love Christmas. I love giving gifts. And I can't wait to hang out with my family on Christmas Day :) Missing the sibs this week.
Tomorrow we head to Breezy Point with friends. A weekend away that we have been looking forward to for some time. No kids, just relaxing, game playing, maybe some tubing, and sleeping in! YEAH :)

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