Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi-- Not much to report. I love Halloween. Addie is going as a bunny and Eli as a frog. Addie assumes and expects the adults to dress up as well, so we will be joining in the festivities on Sunday night. I love trick-or-treating :)
My brother, Jeff, just landed his first commercial for State Farm Insurance. Yes, he will be singing, "Like a good neighbor..." :) I couldn't be more excited for him! What an opportunity and a huge foot in the door to 'making it big'!!!
I carved my first intricate/challenging/detailed/cool-looking-pumpkin this morning. It was supposed to be a family affair, but it ended up B and the kids downstairs and me carving in the kitchen. I think I was taking too much time. Pics to come!
Dance started this week for me-- I have 24 girls on the team this year, and I absolutely love it! Feeling like I have a purpose again (besides raising my kids, yes, I know... ). ;)

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