Monday, September 20, 2010

Addie put on my shades last week and said, "Mom, I'm posh!" Thank you to Natalie for the book, Fancy Nancy, where she learned that word :)

Almost walking! Well, he is walking-- about 7-8 steps before realizing he can crawl way faster!

Addie was in her first parade last Saturday! My dance team did a pom dance and Addie danced along with them. She loved it!!

Ok- rephrase that-- Addie danced along behind them (most of the time) !


Amber said...

She's so darn cute. And that squeezable. Love them!

natalie eve said...

Love my "posh" (that's a fancy word for fancy!) little Addison Noelle! Sooo awesome that she got to dance w/ your girls in that parade! A little girls dream!! I also love, love, love her bangs clipped back. Is she good about keeping her clippie in? xoxo

Phylee said...

LOVE Fancy fact, I have it sitting on a table waiting for Addie for Christmas! BOO! Does she have the Angelina Ballerina books?

Brandt and Steph said...

No, she doesn't have those! Thanks :)