Sunday, June 27, 2010

Addie had a few 'firsts' this last week. She took her first dance class, went to her first movie, and rode her first horse.
Dance is going well. She is in a 3-5 year old ballet and tap class. She definitely loves it more than any of the other girls. But yes, she is "the one" that isn't copying the teacher's moves or standing on her spot ;) Hilarious! But she talks about dance night and day and counts down the days til her next class.
Brandt and I took her to see TOY STORY 3 on Saturday. Great movie, by the way. And yes, I did shed some tears at the end. She did well-- it got a little long and she got a little antsy, but overall, a fun experience!
Finally, tonight we went to a small carnival at Lynn's church with a petting zoo and pony rides! She loved it :)
Looking ahead to a great week-- two dinner dates with friends, a night out with some girl friends, Twins game on Wednesday, and leaving for Trout Lake Camp on Friday!!

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