Thursday, February 11, 2010

Potty training this week... it's going as good as can be expected. A few accidents and a few successes, but I think she's getting it! Brandt is home for the next four days, so it'll be nice to have company. Potty training = homebound = long days :) B and I are celebrating Valentine's Day with a dinner/movie date Sunday night. A date night is long overdue, so we're looking forward to it! But my hubby surprised me with my Valentine's present... I get to sleep the next four nights and he will get up with the little guy!! It's been a rough last few nights with Eli- he's been waking up every 2 hours, so I am excited to get a little rest. The best present ever!!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day, all :)


Brandt and Steph said...

It's going as good as can be expected?!?! Clearly you have checked out of your English profession and into motherhood.

Stephanie Balvin said...

Its amazing how the little things are the GREATEST gifts! Enjoy your sleep and your hubby! :)
Way to go with potty training- she is so smart! (Must get that from her mom.) :)