Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!
We've had a busy, but fun last few days. We were able to celebrate with both sides- the Sorbels before Christmas and my family on Christmas day. As we were talking about Christmas being Jesus' birthday, Addie of course wanted to make a cake and bring birthday hats. On the way to my parents' house Christmas morning, Addie looks at me and asks, "Mama, where's baby Jesus?" Brandt nodded at me and I began to explain as best I could about Jesus, where He lives, and why we still celebrate. So after lunch that day, we sang "Happy Birthday" and Addie blew out the candles on the cake, announcing that Jesus lives in our heart. Good girl! :)
Other exciting events this week...
-We started rice cereal with the little guy. We also moved Eli down to his room and big crib. And we're also letting him cry himself to sleep instead of doing the 'bounce and lay him down carefully' thing ;) So, some big events in the little boy's life!
-Brandt and I had our first overnight away last night. We went and saw a Cirque holiday show and stayed overnight. Then today we saw AVATAR. It was a great time. And I got 8 hours of straight sleep!! Much needed :)
Brandt is off work for the week. Looking forward to lots of family time.

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lizly said...

i especially love the pic of your kids lying side by side, they r adorable and you r a lucky mom!:)