Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here was our girl today at all of our Easter festivities. Tonight I was holding Addie (and her blankie, of course) in the rocker and singing songs to her. She just sat there so peacefully and would look up at me every once in awhile. I was completely in love! As I was staring at her I was reminded of the fact that how much I love Addie doesn't even compare to how much God loves us, His children. It's such an amazing concept to grasp. I will never understand it. Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day :)


natalie eve said...

That is so crazy, Stephanie Lynn. I had the exact same thought while holding Nora before bed the other night. And then today Joliana was fussy, fussy, fussy and I picked her up and she just stopped and was completely peaceful - just begining in her momma's hands and I thought how our heavenly Father says He will hold us in His hands and give us rest. I imagine it to be something like that. Fussy, fussy, fussy but if we just let Him hold us we can find that peace.
Addison looks ABSOLUTELY adorable. I love her so much. I wish we were closer so I could see her (and her parents) more and know her better. Allen, Joliana and I will be in the cities April 17 & 18 so we will have to get together for sure. Love you. Happy Easter!

Phylee said...

She's so sweet in her Easter dress! We miss you guys so much :(